CompSci Pub Has Moved

What Happened to CompSci Pub?

Nothing really - it’s now part of my main site, Big Machine. Don’t worry your subs and everything else are intact, in fact you now have more videos to choose from! You can navigate this site just like (click the squares above) and you’ll see a few extra videos in there.

I’ll be adding more as time goes by so worry not - your investment will be paying off.

Why Would I Do This?

I was thinking that a standalone CS subscription site would be fun and interesting and, indeed, people liked it but also got kind of confused, which I totally understand! Anyway - I decided it was easier for everyone (and more straightforward) to have everything under one main site - this one!

I want to keep creating books and videos and I really don’t want to have to decide where they will live… so I’m rolling everyone over here.

Everything Is The Same

Your accounts, downloads, logins - it’s all the same. Nothing has been lost - it’s all the same Firebase backend as it’s ever been. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out: [email protected].