It's The Holiday Season, Which Means I'm Goofing With My Site

2 months ago | Life Updates
I never miss an opportunity to tweak my sites (blog, production) and this holiday season is no different! You might notice a few changes, however.

I just started my winter vacation which means I get to play around with my side projects... which almost always means I try to simplify my blog and side hustle sites.

So, TL;DR I've merged my blog ( with my publishing site ( I'm not entirely sure why they were separate to begin with... I'm sure I had some fun idea about becoming a life coach or something.

Hopefully I setup the redirects cleanly so you should notice anything. Hopefully. If so, you can let me know just by replying to this email.

What This Means For You

If you've bought any video courses from me, you can still access them at the same URL as before, It's all the same data, database, etc.

If you want to login here, you'll have access to the same courses because I have integrated Supabase (which stores customer and order data) and Ghost, which you can read about here.

You can still get your downloads (books, videos, etc) from here.

What This Means For Me

The more I use Ghost, the more I like it. The team has done an incredible job hitting the good stuff and making content production as simple as possible. By merging these two sites, I'm hoping to focus on the things I love doing: writing books and making videos.

Short and sweet! Enjoy your holidays. If you want to know more about my setup here (Ghost, ThriveCart for sales, Supabase for data) let me know. I rolled my own theme and am loving it!

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