A Gentle Introduction to Crypto and Binary


All of the code we’ve ever written is turned into binary. Those binary values are orchestrated in a wonderful way, allowing the CPU of our computers to execute fantastic feats of calculation. As programmers, we should know more about this stuff!

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You will learn the essentials of Logic, binary and cryptography

We start with logic and the rules of reasoning handed down from Aristotle. These were abstracted by George Boole to create Boolean Algebra...

We then move on to the world of binary, learning how to create logic flows and encoding messages for transmission.

We make our way to error correction using parity bits and create our own encoding scheme so we can optimally transmit messages to our friends.

We dive into Cryptography, using what we've learned from logic and binary to build ciphers using asymmetric key encryption. We also dig in and write our own RSA algorithm