Building a Career, One Breach at a Time

In 2015 Troy Hunt left a well-paying career at one of the largest companies in the world. He created a blog and set about building a career in online security, working for himself.

Wait, let me get this straight... a book with... blog posts?

That's right! Not just any blog posts - Troy's best blog posts. In addition, Troy has added an introduction to each post, detailing his inspirations and adding a few "behind the scenes" moments that led him to write the post in the first place.

There are also epilogues for each post too - detailing what's gone on in the years between then and now.

Finally, the best comments on each post were curated as well - sometimes that's the best part of reading a blog - watching the comments light up!

This book is much more than a simple collection of posts...

An Amazing Career, But Not Without Bruises

It's a question that comes up repeatedly: how much of an impact does your career have on your personal life? For some, the work-life balance is straightforward. For others it can put a massive strain on relationships. Troy is extremely candid about his personal life on his blog - and he opens up even more in this book.

How Did You Select The Posts?

This was Rob's job. Originally the plan was to select 4-6 posts in 4 different categories: building a career, the rise of Have I Been Pwned, Speaking and public stuff and finally balancing public life with private life.

So Rob spent 3 weeks poring over Troy's blog and picking out what he reckoned were the most impactful posts - the one's with the most value, honesty, and the least fluff - and then he assembled them according to a theme.

As the book came together, however, it became apparent that it read much better in chronological order, so we adjusted things, tossed some older posts out and added a bunch more in to fill out the timeline. All in all we ended up with 34 total posts!

You might thing "well I can just go and read Troy's blog then right?" and yes you can - but the combination of these posts with the introduction and epilogues absolutely transforms the experience. We wouldn't be doing this if we didn't think there's value!

Get a Free Preview

We're hard at work pulling things together and finalizing the book. It's been a process, both professional and personal... but we're close. If you'd like to have a preview and know when we figure out a launch date - pop your information here and we'll send it along!