Take Off With Elixir: Complete Edition


    A 3-hour video with an 18-chapter companion book, learn Elixir the fun way.

    I like learning from videos. I’m a visual person – but I also appreciate learning from books. So I made both. Not only that, but I made it fun. You’ll join me at my fictional aerospace startup as we create a solar flare tracking system and plot to bring down the current CTO!

    You’ll get a single MP4 video file with over 3 hours of top-quality, concise, tightly-edited content from the creators of Tekpub.com. In addition you’ll get an ebook with over 150 pages of lovingly edited, beautifully laid-out Elixir content. You get all three formats: epub (for iBooks) mobi (Kindle) or HTML (full site).

    I also learn by doing, which is what I expect you to do as well. All of the code in the video and the book is available in our Github repository. You can download individual chapters, or checkout with Git.

    We offer bulk discounts here at Red:4! If you buy 5 or more copies, you get 10% off. 10 or more and you get 20% off!