Hi, I'm Rob

My goal:

Create books and videos that don't suck for programmers who are self taught

I'm Rob Conery, author of The Imposter's Handbook, A Curious Moon and co-founder of Tekpub.com, one of the very first online video learning sites for developers. I am the creator and co-host of This Developer's Life with Scott Hanselman and I've spun up quite a few open source projects.

I'm an explorer - not an expert. I love digging into concepts and ideas and then sharing what I've learned - making videos and helping people.  So I decided to create a book and some videos on what I like to call The Essentials, that's where you are right now.

I’ve been building software for over 25 years without a CS degree. I’ve created applications for huge corporations including Ameritech and Southwest Bell. I’ve contracted to Visa, Google, Starbucks and PayPal - creating their very first developer portal back in 2005. I wrote an open source e-commerce site for Microsoft that was demoed on stage by Steve Ballmer at Tech Ed, Microsoft’s biggest developer conference (now //Build).

I’m a relentless learner and sometimes annoyingly curious!