Fun Good.
Boring Bad.

We create all of our books and videos with you in mind. We want you to laugh, cry, sing and shout with joy every time you engage with one of our productions. Boring Foo/Bar demos don't do this. Meticulously cared for productions do. That's our calling.

Spend your weekends learning something interesting without being bored to tears!

Your job as a programmer is directly tied to how much you know. You could spend your weekends and evenings plowing through boring, poorly-edited videos on YouTube or productions built on PowerPoint decks, or you could have a good time and actually enjoy the process

I want to help you do the latter - to enjoy learning the exciting concepts and tools that make you a better programmer. You'll learn more, faster, and have a better time which means you get paid more and get to go home sooner!

Don't have a CS degree? Neither do I - so I wrote a book.

I'm a self-taught developer, and for most of my career, I've learned what was required to get the job done. When conversations veered toward core concepts, I disengaged. I decided to change all of this in 2014. I sat down and looked up all of the topics that a typical CS degree covers and then I dove in. The result is The Imposter’s Handbook: a compendium of my year-long quest to fill the holes in my CS knowledge.

Join the CompSci Pub!

I like making videos and I've made over 50 since 2014 - all of them focused on helping developers like you improve their careers. I've made videos based on both seasons of The Imposter's Handbook, specialized videos with Jon Skeet on how to get through a coding interview and even some focused on starting out on your own as a solo contractor. These videos are the perfect kick in the butt if you're feeling like you need a career boost. They're also great if you're just starting out in the tech industry!

Invest in your career

Hours and hours of laser-focused, tightly edited and lovingly produced videos spanning topics from Computer Science, Programming Skills, Unix Skills, Interview Question Prep and Software Design.