The Next Imposter's Handbook ​has shipped.

I'm joined by Scott Hanselman in this next season of The Imposter's Handbook. This is an all-new book with all new content, and it's available now.

Welcome to Big Machine

We're a different kind of tutorial company. We write books, make videos and try to build an experience out of the whole process of learning something new. Our jobs are fun! Learning stuff should be too.

Core CS Concepts

So many programmers are self-taught, which is great! Taking the time to learn core concepts is essential, however, and we're here to help. Check out our best seller: The Imposter's Handbook.

Data and Databases

We love data! It's the life blood of every business, and we're here to help you learn everything you can about your system of choice. Have a look at our book: A Curious Moon if you want to learn about PostgreSQL. We also have a production on Firebase.

Programming Languages

To grow as a programmer you need to learn new things as often as you can. Sometimes this means trying something completely new, such as Elixir, a language we love.

Career Enhancement

Trying to find work and get ready for interview preparation can be incredibly taxing. Or maybe you're getting ready to go out on your own? Either way, we have titles you might find useful.

I just love what you do. Please don't ever stop... ever. You make learning new things fun and you ground it in so many real ways... there's no judgement and I love it. Thank you!

Jane S, UI/UX Designer

Our Productions

Books, videos, or sometimes both!

The Imposter's Handbook

Our bestselling book, packed with over 600 pages of Essential Computer Science concepts and skills. From Big-O notation to database normalization, Gang of Four to Turing Machines. It's all in here! For those without a CS degree, this book will help keep you in the conversation when topics veer into conceptual territory.

Mission: Interview

Coding interviews can be insanely frustrating. Questions are typically out of left field and seemingly have nothing to do with your potential job. More than that: you have to code on a white board! What's the deal with this insanity! In this production, Jon Skeet and Rob Conery ramp you up on the concepts you'll need to know, then walk you through strategies to help you anticipate, then excel at the coding interview. 

Going Solo

Need to escape the enterprise slave pen? Is your "Agile" process draining the life from you? Maybe it's time to take control of your career, going out on your own as a solo contractor. In this production, Rob Conery provides a foundation for you to build from, the blueprint you'll need to make sure you can scale yourself and your time without making some very common mistakes.

Going Serverless with Firebase

Does server management and devops get you down? There's an alternative that is picking up speed: serverless architecture. In this production we dive into Google's Firebase offering, complete with hosting, storage, a realtime database and authentication. We'll build an ecommerce storefront and see wha'ts possible.

A Curious Moon

Learning about databases is boring. Reading over a list of concepts and language design is a great way to get some sleep during the day - so we decided to fix that with A Curious Moon. This is a cosmic detective story, where you get to work with PostgreSQL and raw data from NASA's Cassini mission, straight from Saturn's moon, Enceladus. We also threw in a narrative element in the spirit of The Martian so you could learn PostgreSQL the way we did: on the job and under extreme pressure!

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