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The Imposter's Handbook

I don't have a CS degree and learned what I needed to know when I needed to know it. I decided to change all of that and spent 2 years studying everything I could. I wrote it all down - with pictures - to share with you.


A Curious Moon

Learn all about PostgreSQL, databases and data in general using real, authentic data from NASA's mission to Saturn. We'll focus on Enceladus - using gigabytes of data to analyze the potential for life under this little moon.

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I write about things I'm working on from time to time, and also "outtakes" if you will - things that don't make a given video or book.

Deciding Which Hashing Algorithm to Use

I've written a few authentication routines in my career and I've made sure to always hash sensitive user information. The thing is: I usually Googled which hashing algorithm to use and asked friends' advice. Turns out there's more than just bcrypt... and now I know when and why to choose something different.

Latest Videos

Video Productions

I've assembled every video I've made into collections that you can also think of as "courses". Brush up on your CS, practice interviewing or figure out how to go out on your own. They're all right here.

Getting Started as a Solo Contractor

In 2017 I created a set of videos and posts designed to help solopreneurs launch their business. I've gone through this process 4 times now and each time I've learned something new... and relearned something old (aka 'the hard way'). You can learn from my mistakes in this collection! Good luck.

CompSci Basics

Learn your core CS concepts, including theory, binary, data structures and algorithms, information theory and encoding, encryption and more. Can't remember your CS basics or maybe you're self taught? Start right here.

Coding Interview Prep

Get yourself into a job you love. This collection will help you get through the grueling interview process at larger tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and more. These are the most grueling interviews in the world. The questions are annoying, but the jobs are worth it.

Going Serverless with Firebase

It’s easy to be dismissive and skeptical of new things in this industry. There so many failed ideas! There are also ideas that change everything. Which one is Serverless? Let’s build something compelling and see for ourselves.

Take Off with Elixir

You’ll join me at my fictional aerospace startup (Red:4) as we learn functional programming with Elixir and create a solar flare tracking system and plot to bring down the current CTO!

I just wanted to say “Thank you” for the clear, concise and useful content you put out for developers out there. There have been many times when learning a new technology I came across your post/video and I went “Aha!! I get it now”. Today was learning Dokku and came across your video and as always it made things simple and easy to understand - thank you!

testimonial Jahangir A.

Just bought Mission:Interview - third (fourth?) product from you. You're doing great work for us self-taught developers. Between The Imposter's Handbook and videos, Going Solo, and your interview videos I really think I'll be able to level up and land something great, whether a job or a consulting gig. Thanks again - keep up the good work.

testimonial Sam Julien