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books and videos for self-taught programmers

Don't have a degree and feel like you should? Hey me too! Then again I love teaching myself things and sharing with people and I wouldn't have it any other way. That's what I do here.

Best Selling Books

A CS Primer for Self-taught Coders

Feeling like an imposter is not only disabling - it's toxic! You can get over it by investing in yourself. Learn the core concepts that go into a CS degree as well as invaluable skills and practices for writing and shipping better code.

Let's Learn SQL This Weekend!

Learn PostgreSQL the way the pros do: on the job and under pressure. You'll assume the role of interim DBA at aerospace startup Red:4, exploring data from the Cassini mission!


I love making videos and have been doing so since 2008 when I founded Tekpub with my friend James Avery. Since then I've been made videos for Pluralsight and numerous training videos for private companies. Below are my latest courses - I hope you enjoy!