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In this production, Scott Hanselman and Rob Conery offer suggestions and advice on how you can get out there, and get involved. Blogging, Twitter, Github, StackOverflow, User Groups and Conferences

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This production was created over a decade ago, but I think it's still relevant today. Scott Hanselman and I explore what it takes to expand your career as a social developer.

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Sharing Your Ideas On a Blog

Sharing your ideas and helping others learn something new is a great way to get your name out there. "Oh, yeah, I read a post you wrote once that really helped!" is a wonderful thing to hear from a colleague!

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Writing a Good Post

There's nothing scarier to a writer than the blank page. How do you get started writing a post? In this video, Scott Hanselman will write a post as we watch! 

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Handling Drama

If you're a good writer, your words will move people. Staying true to your voice can be a good thing, but can also cause a little drama.

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The Virtual Water Cooler

In this video we discuss Twitter, which was a very big deal when we made this video. These days, you can use the same concepts on other social platforms.

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Starting Out

Where do you even start with social media? How do you know who to follow and what to say?

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Building Your Network

Building your network online is all about following people so you can reply to them and, hopefully, get them to follow you back.

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Starting From Nothing

It's one thing to offer strategy and ideas on social media, another to do it real time. In this video, Scott creates a Twitter account, and shows how you might go about building your network.

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The Dark Side

Your words on social media reach far and wide, and you should treat every tweet as if it's permanent. Yes, someone will screenshot what you write!

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Using GitHub

GitHub is the coder's social network, but instead of snark, we share code (and sometimes snark too).

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Meant to be a long-running resource for developers, StackOverflow is one of the most popular sites on the web. Learning how to use it can be tricky, but Jon Skeet joins us to share his ideas.