Hi, Welcome!

My goal:

Create books and videos that don't suck for programmers who are self taught

What is This?

This site is dedicated to helping people learn (or relearn) the fundamental skills, theory and concepts of Computer Science and programming in general. I add to it semi-regularly, filling in videos about:

  • Computer Science and Theory
  • Programming Concepts and Skills (Gang of Four, Structural Design, Database Theory, Unix essentials, etc)
  • Career topics such as interviewing and solo contracting
  • Anything else I find interesting

I enjoy creating things (like this very site!) and take what I've learned and turn it into

So, Who Are You?

I'm Rob Conery, author of *The Imposter's Handbook, A Curious Moon*and co-founder of Tekpub.com, one of the very first online video learning sites for developers. I am the creator and co-host of This Developer's Life with Scott Hanselman and I've spun up quite a few open source projects.

I'm an explorer - not an expert. I love digging into concepts and ideas and then sharing what I've learned - making videos and helping people.  So I decided to create a book and some videos on what I like to call The Essentials, that's where you are right now.

Charging You Money

People get grumpy about paywalls and I totally understand - I do too. But here's the thing: I wouldn't have made these books or videos for free. I simply would not have been able to spend the amount of time it takes to make videos the way I want to see them!

I pride myself on spending extra time when creating my content - trimming out every bit of fat and excess nonsense. Your time is precious and I want you to feel happy about what you're watching.

Anyway - that's why I charge money. I hope you find it worth it! If you don't, I'll happily refund you.

But... Is It Worth The Money?

That part is up to you, but I'll tell you this: I made the books and videos I wish I had around 5 years ago. Digging into CS topics isn't easy and while you can indeed find resources online, they tend to be ultra academic or just really poorly made.

I'll make you a deal, however: you can try it out and if you don't like it let me know. I have a 15 day refund policy with no questions asked (aside from maybe what you didn't like... I always want to improve).


Computer Science is a massive field and I'd love to keep going, making more videos and writing more fun posts. If you have a suggestion, just drop me a line (rob at bigmachine.io) and I'll queue it up if I 1) have time and 2) makes sense for the site. Either way, I'll respond quickly.