I'm a self-taught coder and I've enjoyed learning things over my career... but I avoided binary and crypto like the plague! I just didn't need to understand that stuff to get my work done... at least I didn't think so. Let's just say I was wrong about that - so 3 years ago I dove in... and here we go!

I won't bore you with a long preamble but I will say this: this course will require patience on your part. I've done my best to make this stuff as human as I can, including:

  • Humor and breaking things down into smaller parts.
  • Using code as an explaining tool. Writing RSA from scratch, for instance, sort of drives the point home.
  • Using visuals as much as possible.

This might work for you and it might not - but if you find yourself stuck PLEASE head over to our discussions board and let me know what the problem is. Or, if you like, just leave a comment below.

The Code

You can get all the code by downloading the resources for this module. It's a zip file that's intended for you to use as reference - please do your best to write the code yourself. That's how we learn, after all!

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