Hello and welcome! In this video course we're going to get deep, deep into the weeds of programming principles, patterns and practices. My goal for you is that you learn enough to build better programs and ship things faster! More importantly, however, is that you build something that can be maintained easily over time.

Hello! Let’s not waste time – there are a few things you need to do before we get started.

The Code

You’ll find the code in the resources section here on the welcome page. Download, unzip and off you go. If you have any questions about the code you see in the videos – please leave a comment on the video itself. This will help others who might have the same problems as you.

Questions? Ideas?

I have a discussion site powered by GitHub Discussions which you can find right here. This is a bit more freeform but I find it works much, much better than the issues list I used to use!

Finally – create a working directory on your local drive and code along with me, using the code provided as reference. You can only learn what you build – so build!


Resource 1

Code for all of the videos

Resource 2

My discussions site up on GitHub

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