This is a quick introduction to what this production is all about and what (I hope) you'll learn. Please watch it! There are some supplies you'll need to get and some mental space you'll need to clear if you're to get the most out of this production. Also: you need to set yourself a schedule. I go through all of that in this video.

The Code

You'll be doing a lot of coding in this course so the downloads are sort of minimal. There is code supplied on each video, but I've also made an archive for you if you like.


Here are some links to buy the things that I mention in the video above.

  • The Panda Planner and Journal . Trust me: you want to keep track of your time and progress!.
  • A Graph Paper Notebook . I like Graph Paper as it helps me space my writing out. I like this notebook better than a comp book because it's a bit bigger too.
  • A Subscription To InterviewCake It's $199 which, yes, is expensive but it's that good. 45 problems to work through with decent explanations for each - this is the best practice resource I've found.
  • Cracking The Coding Interview Want to know where most companies get their interview questions? Right here in this book. This is the bible when it comes to practicing and studying for a technical interview - and it's only $39.00.

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