You could make a radical change in someone's life

Knowledge is power in this industry. You can make a huge difference to a friend or coworker by giving them the power to improve their career. 

Gift of The Imposter's Handbook

for someone who loves programming

Know someone who loves to code but might not have a CS degree? Or maybe they do, but that was years ago? Give the gift of knowledge and The Imposter's Handbook. They'll get both seasons delivered right to them.

The Gift of Interview Preparation

For Someone who's about to Interview... or who needs a new job

The tech interview can be one of the most imposing and intimidating things any programmer can do. Yes, study is the key but there are also strategies you need to know about. And pitfalls! Help your special person out with both seasons of The Imposter's Handbook as well as 5 hours of interview prep, including:

  • Solid strategies for getting in the door at Google, AWS, Microsoft and more.
  • 3 screener questions, and how to get past them.
  • 3 practice question walkthroughs where we code by hand.
  • 5 realtime Interview questions with Jon Skeet himself, who hires people at Google all the time.

the gift of sql and data science basics

For someone who wants to learn data science

Learning SQL and databases in general is on a just about everyone's radar, once they get around to it. Help make that amazing, positive change in someone's career by giving them a 2-hour video introduction to SQL and data science in general using the actual data from Cassini. They'll get:

  • A full copy of A Curious Moon, my book all about PostgreSQL and databases
  • Access to a 2-hour video walkthrough (SQL in Orbit), based on the demos in the book.

So, how does this work?

You can specify the delivery date at checkout and, on that day, your special someone will receive an email announcing their gift with instructions on how to access it, including any download links. You'll be notified of the schedule and also when your gift was delivered. It's just that easy.