I love writing long-form tutorials and making small, bit-sized videos. This site is filled with them and, I hope, at a reasonable price.

Why Is There a Paywall?

The simple answer is that I'm not a casual blogger, at least not all the time. That stuff is and always will be free. When I get into Research Mode I go deep and leverage my curiosity, spending hours and even days on a single topic until I fully understand it.

That's worth something to me, but more importantly: that's worth something to you. I like this saying from Russel Brunson:

People who pay, pay attention

It's true. The things I charge for are straightforward: 10-45 minute videos on a topic and also long-form posts.  I make a commitment that when you're done, you'll learn something. You make the commitment that you won't treat the post as a ... well a blog post and forget about it.

It's a win-win. If you don't feel that you should pay for my time, that's OK too! Move along...