Striking Gold in My Archives

a year ago | Postgres
Digging through my archives of hundreds of videos, I found an oldy but goody - publishing it for you to enjoy!

I've had a Vimeo account since 2007, when I moved all of my video streaming "stuff" for my old business, Tekpub. I was paying about $1100/month to AWS, using their media streaming services and a crappy HTML 5 video player at the time... and then I stumbled onto Vimeo.

Update: I sent this post out to the mailing list and said "it's free for members" but I failed to mention that you have to login to see it. No charge - you're already a member here if you got my email.

I couldn't believe it.

For $250/year I could host my videos securely, with a branded player, completely hidden from the Vimeo service. I could also control the access rights, disallowing embeds anywhere but specified domains. This saved me so much time and money... I was beside myself!

I still use them to this day. One of the rare services that hasn't let me down over the years. Stripe, Vimeo and Firebase - services I've been with seemingly forever.

Browsing My Archives

It's fun to look through my video archives up there. Over the holidays last week I decided to do some organization and I found a set of videos I did with Rob Sullivan years ago - back in 2011. I thought it would be a fun bit of nostalgia, to look back at our inital fumblings with PostgreSQL, but after a few minutes I realized that there is gold in there.

99% of the content is still relevant! Shocking! Given that, I published it here for all of you - no subscription required (but you still need to login!)

I guess that's how good Postgres is. Widely hailed as the pinnacle of open source, the PostgreSQL project sets the standard for every other project out there. A dedicated team that just keeps delivering an amazing product.

You can watch the video here - I hope you enjoy!

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