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Both seasons of The Imposter's Handbook at a 20% discount.  I'm a self-taught developer, and for most of my career, I've learned what was required to get the job done. When conversations veered toward core concepts, I disengaged. I decided to change all of this in 2014. I sat down and looked up all of the topics that a typical CS degree covers and then I dove in. The result is The Imposter’s Handbook, seasons 1 and 2: compendia of my quest to fill the holes in my CS knowledge. You can view information about volume 1 herevolume 2 here. These are ebooks, delivered in epub, mobi and PDF formats. It is not physical books.


Prepping For An Interview? Interviewing for a position as a programmer can be intimidating as well as just a little bit infuriating. Unfortunately, that's the way it is for now. If you want a job at a big tech company, they will likely be asking you questions about Depth First Search, Stacks and Queues, and Linked Lists. Let's be positive! Learning (or relearning) these things can be great fun - so let's spend a weekend brushing up our job skills!

Get All Three for 30% Off!

You get the Mission: Interview package with basic review materials ($49) plus  The Imposter's Handbook ($30) plus the Imposter Video set ($19). You'll be covered when it comes to conceptual conversations!

$128.00 $89.60

If you’re coming at this process from the very beginning and need to make sure you know the subject matter, this bundle is for you. You get all of the concepts in The Imposter’s Handbook (both volumes), the Imposter Video Set (17 videos, over 3.5 hours of concepts) and the practice drills from MIssion:Interview. This is a lot of work – run with it! You get the Mission: Interview package with basic review materials ($49) plus both volumes of The Imposter's Handbook ($60). You'll be covered when it comes to conceptual conversations!


Need to get out of a job fast and do something completely different? Cover all of your bases by prepping for the big interview and setting yourself up to go out on your own. Contract work can be highly rewarding and incredibly freeing. You just need to set yourself up right from the start. We're here to make this happen for you!