Looks like I lost something...

If you're looking for books or videos you purchased in the past, you can login with your order email and download them or just go to the downloads page.

If you're here because you followed a link to a blog post of mine... well...

That Post May Have Been Pruned

I prune blog posts often - especially when it covers technical ideas or "stuff" that's no longer valid. For instance, I had about 10 posts on Elixir that have all become obsolete as things have changed. Same with .NET - I don't do C# or .NET any more and I would get questions about it a lot so... I took most of them down as much of it just doesn't apply. Same with JavaScript and so on.

If there's post you're dying to read again, I might suggest using the Wayback Machine. If you think I should put it back, send me an email at rob@bigmachine.io and I'll do my best.

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