Taking control of your career can be lifechanging. In 2004 I was commuting 90 minutes each way to spend my day in a cubicle doing a job I loathed. Something had to change

In this 60 minute video, I'll show you how to:

  • Write a business plan to guide your efforts
  • Hire a CPA to help with the financial details
  • Hire a lawyer to check the CPA and your plan
  • Setup a bank account, books and insurance
  • Create a network of colleagues and peers
  • cog
    Design a logo, some business cards and a site


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Apply the Same Rigor To Your Career As You Do To Your Code

Simply announcing your availability for contract work on Twitter is not good enough. You need to have a solid foundation beneath you so that you're legally and financially protected. You don't just write a single file full of a jumbled mess of code, do you? No, you take your time, apply structure and patterns, and then push. Do the same for your career!

Preparing Your Business Plan

Duration: 11m

You can't get somewhere if you don't know where you're going. In this segment we put together a single page document to help you think it through.

How to Hire a CPA and a Lawyer

Duration: 12m

CPAs and Lawyers might seem expensive, but they are indispensible, especially when you find yourself needing financial and legal advice... which is just about every month!

Setting up Your Bank and Your Books

Duration: 8m

Your books tell you the health of your business. They should be simple to use, otherwise you won't use them! We'll setup Quickbooks properly, so you know what's going on.

Getting the Word Out

Duration: 7m

I am not a naturally social person, which is a problem if you plan on running your own business. Luckily I've learned a few tricks along the way, which I'll share with you.

Polishing Your Online Presence

Duration: 9m

Your virtual presence says a lot about you. From the tone of your social media posts to the font size and image selection on your blog. Spend some time polishing your impression.

The Annoying Details

Duration: 9m

Insurance, bank accounts, corporate structure, collection strategies and contracts! So many details that can be overwhelming. They don't have to be, if you have a plan, which you will!

The Ejection Package

Need to get out of a job fast and do something completely different? Cover all of your bases by prepping for the big interview and setting yourself up to go out on your own. Contract work can be highly rewarding and incredibly freeing. You just need to set yourself up right from the start. We're here to make this happen for you!

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You get the Mission: Interview package with basic review materials ($69) plus our Going Solo production ($15), which is a full hour devoted to showing you how to set yourself up properly so you can go out on your own as a solo developer.

​The ​Lazarus Package

​Have you been parked in a Big Job for the last few years? Feel like you need to pull a miracle together? This package is for you. Pump up your CS skills with ​The Imposter's Handbook​ and then get yourself ready for the Big Interview with ​Mission: Interview​. Keep your options open with ​Going Solo​ in case the next Big Job doesn't work out! Learning is fun!​​​​​​​​​​​​

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You get the basic ​Mission: Interview package along with ​the basic (just the book) Imposter's Handbook ($30),​ plus our Going Solo production ($15). You ​will be prepared!


Big Machine was founded in 2015 by Rob Conery (me). Before this happened, Rob (me) made videos for Pluralsight, and before that he made videos (and wrote stuff) for himself through his company Tekpub. Rob likes to explore things - perhaps a better way of putting it is that Rob likes to break things - it's what he does best.  He wants you to be educated in your strong opinion. To care a bit more deeply about a given technology that you cling to. He wants you to love what you do. That's Big Machine.

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