I’ve packaged everything I’ve learned about running a solo business over the last 15 years into a solid, tightly-edited hourlong video. I want to save you from making the same mistakes I did, sometimes repeatedly!

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Have a Plan, Execute and Make a Splash

Simply announcing your availability for contract work on Twitter is not good enough. You need to have a solid foundation beneath you so that you're legally and financially protected. You don't just write a single file full of a jumbled mess of code, do you? No, you take your time, apply structure and patterns, and then push. Do the same for your career!


You can't get somewhere if you don't know where you're going. In this segment we put together a single page document to help you think it through.


CPAs and Lawyers might seem expensive, but they are indispensible, especially when you find yourself needing financial and legal advice... which is just about every month!


Your books tell you the health of your business. They should be simple to use, otherwise you won't use them! We'll setup Quickbooks properly, so you know what's going on.


I am not a naturally social person, which is a problem if you plan on running your own business. Luckily I've learned a few tricks along the way, which I'll share with you.


Your virtual presence says a lot about you. From the tone of your social media posts to the font size and image selection on your blog. Spend some time polishing your impression.

The Articles and Videos


Becoming a Solo Contractor

Hello and welcome! Let's kick things off by getting our heads in the right place and understanding what we're getting ourselves into. This could be a life-changing moment for you and having a plan is essential! So let's take a minute and wrap our heads around this.
1 minutes


Is The Contract Programmer Thing Right For You?

Going out on your own is, essentially, turning up the volume on your career. The good parts get better: freedom to choose what you do and when you do it. The bad parts get worse: you will be the worst boss you’ve ever had, and a simple mistake can greatly affect your income.
3 minutes


Exercise: Get Organized!

Everyone has their scheme and their way to get things done and if you're that kind of person hooray! I'm actually talking about something a bit different than a personal To-Do list - we need a methodology and a way that we can ensure that we can execute our vision.


Creating Your Business Plan

We’ll take a look at how a business plan can help solidify what it is we want to do when we go out on our own. We’ll use a simple template, choose a business name and detail the market that we’re about to enter. Finally, we’ll consider where we want this business to end up.
6 minutes


Exercise: Business Plan

We can ponder about our business plan all day long - let's not. Let's execute by laying something down right now, and building on it. You've learned what's in a business plan, now let's put something - ANYTHING in writing and commit ourselves to this vision.


Exercise: Business Name

Naming things is hard and you will either spend way too long on this or way to little. Let's give it a reasonable amount of time and then move on. I'll help you (I hope) by sharing with you how I came up with various business names of my own... then we'll buy a domain.


Exercise: Marketing Plan

At some point you'll need to let people know what you do, that you're good, and that you're worth paying. This is tough stuff, but if you don't do it you won't last long


Setting Up Professional Services for Your Contracting Gig

Trying to run a business on your own is a sure way to burn yourself out. You have to delegate certain duties to online services and third parties. It might seem like an expensive thing to do, but it’s really not.
12 minutes


Setting Up Your Finances as a Solo Contractor

In this section we turn our attention to your new company’s finances. It may seem intimidating, but tracking your income and expenses can be quite easy with simple to use online services.
14 minutes


Sample Contracts

At some point you'll need to let people know what you do, that you're good, and that you're worth paying. This is tough stuff, but if you don't do it you won't last long


Growing Your Professional Network

In this section we’ll look at ways to find your most important client: the very first one! We’ll get out and meet other developers, creating a legitimate network of peers. Finally, the best work is repeat work, so we’ll look at things you can do to make sure you are your client’s go to person.
7 minutes


Branding Your Solo Contracting Business

You need to stand out and make your virtual self look sharp and competent. This isn't about physical looks, it's about how you present yourself to others and the care you take in making an impression. These things matter a lot and they don't take a whole lot of effort.
13 minutes


Good Luck!

We’ve covered a lot of ground in the last 90 minutes, and I hope you’ve seen that this process is not that intimidating. Yes, it does take a bit longer then jumping right in, but that investment of your time will hopefully result in good things later on in your career.
0 minutes

Let's Get You Started.


I spent way too much time trying to figure out what was happening with my finances when I started solo contracting. The money was coming in, but I never knew if I could make rent the next month. I had to learn about proper invoicing, client billing procedures and making sure I had the right contracts in place.

Needless to say, I was taken advantage of.

I finally hired a CPA to help me out and that's when I realized just how much money I lost because I didn't have a plan. I do now and I'm sharing it with you.