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Spend a few hours this weekend learning computer science and double your income by nailing your next interview

This industry is on fire and your skills are in demand. Your colleagues are changing jobs and doubling, sometimes tripling their paycheck by nailing their interviews and showing ruthless confidence. That paycheck could easily be yours…

It’s not a secret: most programmers are full of crap.

We’re just good at searching the web for what we need to know, and that’s OK! Knowing that you don’t know something is a great first step! Programmers that have a desire to learn are the ones who are the most valuable. The trick is to build a foundation so you can learn how to learn.

It’s hard work to learn these skills, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why I made these videos - so you and I could have some fun and build your foundation.

Do you feel like you don’t belong in this industry? That others are more capable than you?

It’s called Imposter Syndrome and most everyone goes through it at one time or another. If this is you, don’t worry you’re not alone. In fact it’s actually a good thing to feel this way - it means you clearly understand just how much there is to learn.

Some programmers never feel this way and will loudly let everyone know how skilled they are. In fact, this is a known thing called the “Dunning-Kreuger” effect: people who are mediocre at a task believe they’re doing well. People who do well often believe they suck and should be fired.

Which one are you?

Why is that the loud, mediocre programmers end up getting promoted and you work for them?

Because they're loud and have (misplaced) confidence. How many times have you wondered how your boss or your bosses boss managed to get to where they are when they are so clearly incompetent? Every single workplace has these people no matter what their hiring practice is.

How do they end up there? The simple answer is that their misplaced confidence is convincing. Unfortunately for you, the opposite is also true.

Your lack of confidence is holding you back. I know mine did.

Until I changed all of that over the last 5 years.

Let's Get you Paid what you're worth.

I started recording this course in the summer of 2016, just a few years after writing The Imposter's Handbook, adding material as I went, going deeper into subjects than a book could.

After 6 years I compiled over 6 hours of content. This isn’t your typical “hey guys what’s up” YouTube crap either. I pride myself in concise delivery and tight editing.

I write down everything I say, rehearse it, cut it, edit it more, add where I need, rehearse again… and go through this process until I have a polished gem. Each video is this way.

What You're Going To Learn This Weekend

I broke these videos into 72 lessons divided into 10 categories, fast-paced and tightly edited. I hate hate hate boring videos and lecturers that drone on forever - you won't get that here. We're going to have some fun and I will absolutely respect your time.

The basics of binary

You'll have a foundational understanding of CS theory and language design which means you won’t be stumped by some of the most common interview questions.

Information Theory

The foundation of the digital age and every computer network in existence. Understanding these topics can help you solve tricky networking and encoding issues.


A difficult subject that you need to understand so that you can have a solid grasp on data security. This means you’re less likely to get fired for overlooking the very basic of data needs.

Data Structures and Algorithms

You will know how to optimize a given routine and when and why you should. Understanding this means passing interviews.

Essential Software Design Patterns

You're going to have options when trying to figure out how to write complex systems, which means you will be the one leading the team.

Critical Software Design Principles

These are things you should know so that you understand the difference between "separation of concerns" vs. "cohesion and coupling" which means you’ll know what to do when it comes time to test, and defend, your code.

Core Command Line Skills

Every programmer should understand how to program their work environment and orchestrate builds properly which means they don't spend hours trying doing the same jobs manually.


I bought your first book in 2016 or 2017. Loved it because of the videos back then. Bought the interview prep videos on your website recently as well. Your books over the years, videos, and a little bit of leetcode... plus my 10 years of experience got me a job at AWS the first time through.

Back then, your first book got me over the imposter syndrome I had. Being self-taught, I had a lot of doubts, coupled with being a javascript developer and getting a lot of flack from backend engineering. That's all noise now to me, I know my worth. Have for a while. Now I try to help others see that too.

I just wanted to apply and see what happens at Amazon.  I figured I wouldn't get through their big process, or they wouldn't employ remote. Their process took a while, but after the loop, I ended up in a situation where multiple teams pitched me to join their team, rather than the one I applied for. So I got to pick the team to join, and it turned into me interviewing them.

Brandon W

Here's the entire course structure

Introduction and Resources

So, who am I to be showing you all of this stuff?

I’m Rob Conery and I’ve been building software for over 25 years without a CS degree. I’ve created applications for huge corporations including Ameritech and Southwest Bell. I’ve contracted to Visa, Google, Starbucks and PayPal - creating their very first developer portal back in 2005. I wrote an open source e-commerce site for Microsoft that was demoed on stage by Steve Ballmer at Tech Ed, Microsoft’s biggest developer conference (now //Build).

In 2009 I cofounded Tekpub, specializing in high-quality video productions focused on technology. We were acquired by Pluralsight in 2013.

In 2014 I decided to write *The Imposter’s Handbook*, finally taking the time to backfill the computer science concepts that I had always wanted to learn - and it’s been the absolute highlight of my career! I’ve sold almost 25,000 copies to date, helping developers just like you all over the world.

I’m a relentless learner and sometimes annoyingly curious!

Thank you for all the content you produce... Your tutorials, videos, and blogs literally saved my career. I've never been a rock star in programming, but I just love it. From your tutorials I gained enough knowledge that helped me to get a job in a good software company where I knew all the new trends, practices, architecture where the company was just behind. 2 years later I became a SW architect there..

Rafal K

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