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Going Serverless With Firebase

In the latest production from Big Machine, we explore what it takes to build a usable, “serverless” ecommerce application. I’m not just talking about checking out and running a Stripe charge – no we’re doing it all.

In this video we’ll set up:

  • A web site hosted by Firebase, generated by Middleman, secured with SSL
  • Digital fulfillment (with counters and expiring URLs) using Firebase Storage
  • Authentication using OAuth
  • Email notifications and customer management, integrating with Drip
  • Paranoid data collection using PostgreSQL at Compose.com
  • A REAL set of checkout data, including geolocating IP addresses, payment and processor retention
I built a site that I want to use, far beyond a typical demo. That site is yours along with over 3 hours of video explanation.

    All of the code in the video and the book is available in our Github repository. You can download individual chapters, or checkout with Git.