The Imposter’s Handbook: Complete Edition

    $70.00 $60.00

    Over 3.5 hours of carefully produced, high quality video walkthroughs to accompany 700+ pages of The Imposter’s Handbook. You get both the book and the video set.

    Books are great but if you’re a visual person like me, it helps to actually see someone step through a process. That’s what these 17 videos are: a visual explanation of the concepts presented in the book.

    For the preview (which should last until mid to late April 2017) you’ll receive a simple web site that you can run locally, which will stream the videos directly to you. A super fast download – you can be watching the videos in 5 minutes! The interface is shown below. When the videos are finalized you’ll get an email with a link to the downloadable MP4 files, which will be DRM free.

    Or you can by just the eBook. or the standalone videos.

    We offer a discount for bulk purchases: for 5 or more you get 10% off; 10 or more you get 20% off. This is applied automatically.