For the longest time I would remain silent when discussions with my peers would veer toward theoretical topics like P vs. NP, Lambda Calculus or bubble sort vs. merge sort. Big-O notation? I… uhh…

I decided to change all of this a year ago. I sat down and looked up all of the topics that a typical CS degree covers and then I dove in. Half way through, I decided to write a book about what I was learning.

That book is The Imposter’s Handbook: a compendium of my year-long quest to fill the holes in my CS knowledge.

I LOVE THIS BOOK! It’s a great resource for *any* programmer, self-taught or otherwise.

Chad Fowler / CTO, Wunderlist

You Will Think Differently

This book started as a series of tasks in Wunderlist. Programming and general CS things that I wanted to know more about. I started with Big-O notation, then on to Complexity Theory (P = NP). This led me to learning more about Computational Theory – things like Lambda Calculus, Turing Machines, von Neumann Architecture, and so on.

The more I learned, the more I felt the CS world open up. I changed the way I thought about problems entirely! Let me give you an example of what I mean.

One of my very favorite chapters is Algorithms. I learned the standard fare (sorting and searching) but then got into some more interesting topics, including Dynamic Programming, combinatorial optimization problems, and shortest paths. I had never thought in these terms before – never had the occasion to sort through a list in my head of algorithms in order to solve a problem.

I know, I know. If you’re a CS graduate you’re probably shaking your head. I’m not proud of this, believe me. At the same time I am so excited! I love this stuff! I think you will too.

A book, a Video, or Both.

I like reading technical books, but I also enjoy watching someone solve a problem in a video. The little decisions, tool choices, and interesting habits can communicate a great deal about how the problem actually gets solved.

The good news is you don’t have to choose – you have have both!

The book : $30

600+ Pages, 16 Chapters, and Over A Year In The Making

I began writing this book in December, 2015 as a list of things I wanted to know more about. At first I figured it could be a series of blog posts, but I decided to push myself to go deeper and do a bit more.  In August of 2016 I released a preview and began taking feedback on Github.

Lots. Of. Feedback.

Finally, in November of 2016, version 1.0 of the book was released. Since then I’ve pushed 3 additional versions – to me this book is alive!

What You Get With The Book

This is a digital book, there is no print version available. Yet. The formats available are epub, mobi and PDF. In addition you get …

12 Code Projects which you can download from Github and follow along with.

148 Hand-drawn Illustrations. It’s how I learn things and I thought it would be fun to add them to the book.

The Video: $40

My Obsession: Your Gain

Here’s the deal: I’m a complete snob when it comes to watching programming-focused screencasts. Clattering keyboards, ukuleles, dumb jokes and general fumbling around all amount to the same thing: a waste of time.

I hate wasting people’s time.

So, I spent over 5 months putting these 17 videos together (~3.5 hours), fine-tuning the audio, editing the videos down to be as concise as possible. You won’t stare at bullet points on a slide for 5 minutes while I drone on, nor will you watch me fumble about trying to type while I install dependencies. Your time is valuable, and if I’ve done my job right, you’ll turn that time into knowledge.

Have a watch and see for yourself.

These videos are intended to supplement the book, but can stand on their own if you’re familiar with some of the concepts. When you buy the video you’ll receive a downloadable HTML site that will let you stream and also download the files (MP4, no DRM) so you can watch offline as you please.

600+ pages, 16 chapters, downloadable code from Github available in epub, mobi and PDF.

Just the Book: $30

17 videos, 5-20 minutes in duration. Over 3.5 hours of concise, high-production video.

Just The Video: $40

The most valuable option: get the book and the videos and save $10!

Get Both for $60

Buy it as a gift

Know someone who might enjoy catching up on their CS skills? You can buy a gift card for them that they can use at checkout…

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