How To Go Out On Your Own as a Solo Developer

3 years ago | Shorts
Always wanted to go out on your own as a solo programmer but don't know where to start? I can't help you with the psychological aspects, but I can give you a blueprint and a plan.

Taking control of your career can be life changing - the freedom to work on what you want when you want is intoxicating. In 2004 I was going to give it all up, ready to go back to school so I could earn my commercial captain's license with the goal of driving tugboats in San Francisco Bay.

Luckily, a friend talked me out of it as he needed some help with a project he was working on at PayPal. Thus started my journey as a solo developer... which hasn't always been fun.

Turns out that it's really easy to screw the whole thing up if you don't start with a solid plan. That's why I made this video. I've packaged everything I've learned about running a solo business over the last 15 years into a solid, tightly-edited hour-long video. It's free for anyone, you just need be a member!

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