Command Line

It's a UNIX world out there and as a programmer with skills in the shell, you'll have more power than you ever believed. These videos will hopefully give you a leg up in the UNIX world if you're new to it or, if you aren't, will be a solid refresher for you.
Making Your Life Easier with Make

Make is a build utility that works with a file called a Makefile and basic shell scripts. It can be used to orchestrate the output of any project that requires a build phase. It's part of Linux and it's easy to use.

Using Make to Improve Your Test Suite

Make has been around forever and is often overlooked in favor of tools that recreate precisely what it does, but in crappier ways. Let's see how you can use Make to help your testing process.

Deciphering a Complex Bash Script

What do you do when you're confronted with lines and lines of shell script code that you're told to run... but you don't know what's going on? Let's do just that, and decipher the crazy.

Hands On: Creating a Useful Shell Script

I use the static site generator Jekyll to write my blog. I store the site at Github, who then translates and hosts it all for me for free. Jekyll is simple to use and I like it a lot. There's only one problem: it's a bit manual.

Shell Script Basics

It's a Unix world. You should have a functional knowledge of how to get around a Unix machine using the command line, as well as how to complete basic tasks using shell scripts and Make files.