Video Courses

I've made quite a few video courses over the years and have decided to offer them all to subscribers of my site.
The Imposter's Frontend Accelerator

JavaScript client frameworks are powerful and help you create an amazing experience for your end user. Unfortunately, learning how to use them sucks.

Computer Science Fundamentals

I like making videos so I decided it might be fun to create a set of videos based on the subjects I learned about writing The Imposter's Handbook.

Take Off With Elixir

Learn the high-powered, scalable, functional language that is taking the programming world by storm. Elixir will change the way you write code!

Coding Interview Bootcamp

Trying to get in at one of the top tech companies in the world? If so, I have 5 hours of video for you, spread over 18 lessons. You'll learn the strategies and techniques your peers use to get in and get paid a lot of money.

PostgreSQL Fundamentals

Many data science pros will tell you: learning SQL was one of the best investments in their career, even though the language is basic and obtuse. See why so many developers become data pros in this 2-hour video tutorial featuring data from the Cassini mission.