Working with data isn't something people set out to do when they become programmers - they sort of fall into it. Lucky them! There aren't many skills more useful than learning SQL and how databases work.
Repositories and Unit of Work Don't Mix

There is a trend in the .NET space of trying to abstract EF behind a Repository. This is a fundamentally bad idea and hopefully I'll explain why.

Using Constraints to Protect Calendar Data in PostgreSQL

Think about the lines of code you would have to write in order to manage a scheduling system. Duration checks, start and end time requirements as well as checking for overlap! You could spend a few days writing all that code or you could let PostgreSQL do it better with 5 lines of SQL.

Virtual, Computed Columns in PostgreSQL 12

PostgreSQL 12 introduced a feature I've long wished for: computed columns that are indexable and stored on disk! They're amazing and in this post I'll show you how they work and how things kind of go...

Simple Monthly Reports in PostgreSQL

Working with dates and series of dates is easy in PostgreSQL, especially using generate_series

Database Normalization

How does a spreadsheet become a highly-tuned set of tables in a relational system? There are rules for this - the rules of normalization - which is an essential skill for any developer working with data

It's Time To Get Over That Stored Procedure Aversion You Have

There is a lot of opinion about stored procedures out there that are just...