Front End

It's only a matter of time until you learn JavaScript and the amazing things you can do with it. I'm a huge fan of Vue and Nuxt, and I share what I learn here.
πŸ‘» Hacking Ghost for Fun and Profit

I've been using Ghost for many years and recently I decided to see just how far I could push it.

πŸ€– A Real World Approach to Playwright

Writing tests can be tricky, especially using a more complex tool like Playwright. I took some time and dug in over the last year and I'm happy I did.

What Is Your Yeet Threshold?

Solving problems is what we do, but sometimes the solution is to burn it all down and start again, learning from your mistakes. How do you make this choice?

What Should Be a Plugin vs a Composable vs a Store in Vue?

Vue is a very powerful framework that I love a lot, but understanding some of the builtin machinery can be extremely confusing. Here's how I deal with that.

Trying Something Different: A Real World Tutorial for Frontend Programming

I'm creating an episodic walkthrough where I build a real application I need to ship, and you get to do it with me. It's up for presale at 50% off.

Everyone Has a Plan, Until They Get Hit in the Face

I spent almost 3 hours last weekend trying to figure out one of the most vexing problems I've ever faced, and I recorded all of it.

The First Draft of Anything Is Shit

I'm allergic to crappy, non-sensical, faked up demos that try to convey highly technical concepts. Yet I find myself falling into that lazy trap constantly. This requires intervention.

Five Things I Learned Building Using Nuxt and Firebase

I like to change my publishing site regularly - it's fun and it keeps me sharp. This iteration is with Nuxt and Firebase, and I learned a ton.

What's the Difference Between Vue 2.0 and Vue 3.0?

The third version of a framework, library or tool generally sucks, at least in my experience. Will this be the case with Vue 3? Let’s find out!