Interview Prep

Ah yes, nothing more fun than cramming for a technical interview! With these videos we'll focus on preparation as well as strategy. If you're cramming - be sure to check out the playlist (Coding Interview Bootcamp) in the top menu.
Common Data Structures

In this video we explore common data structures in computer science. Think you know how arrays work in CS? Or linked lists? Let's dig in and get you ready for your next interview.

Dynamic Programming and Fibonnaci

Dynamic programming gives us a way to elegantly create algorithms for various problems and can greatly improve the way you solve problems in your daily work. It can also help you ace an interview.

DFS, BFS and Binary Tree Search

You now know all about trees and graphs - but how do you use them? With search and traversal algorithms of course! This is the next part you'll need to know when you're asked a traversal question in an interview. And you will be.

Basic Sorting Algorithms

You will likely *never* need to implement a sorting algorithm - but understanding how they work could come in handy at some point. Interviews and workarounds for framework problems come to mind.

Trees, Binary Trees and Graphs

The bread and butter of technical interview questions. If you're going for a job at Google, Microsoft, Amazon or Facebook - you can be almost guaranteed to be asked a question that used a binary tree of some kind.