PostgreSQL has charmed many programmers, including myself, as it tends to be correct in almost every situation. An amazing database
Using Constraints to Protect Calendar Data in PostgreSQL

Think about the lines of code you would have to write in order to manage a scheduling system. Duration checks, start and end time requirements as well as checking for overlap! You could spend a few days writing all that code or you could let PostgreSQL do it better with 5 lines of SQL.

Handling Dates and Times Properly in Postgres

Handling dates properly is delicate business and, thankfully, Postgres gives you many tools to help make sure you store date information correctly. But that only works if you know what's going on!

Striking Gold in My Archives

Digging through my archives of hundreds of videos, I found an oldy but goody - publishing it for you to enjoy!

The Easiest Postgres Experience You've Ever Seen

Web Assembly is enabling people to do some crazy stuff in the browser, including running a full PostgreSQL installation and Adobe Photoshop!

Hello PostgreSQL

In this production, a SQL Server DBA (Rob Sullivan) and a developer (Rob Conery) take a deep dive into PostGreSQL (v9.1) and are surprised by just how capable, intelligent and *fast* PostGreSQL is.

Creating a Full Text Search Engine in PostgreSQL, 2022

Writing a full text index in PostgreSQL is an art form. You need to know what your users are looking so you can build the right index AND you need to understand how they write their search terms. Thankfully, Postgres is here to help.

Importing a CSV Into PostgreSQL Like a Pro

Importing data into PostgreSQL can be time consuming and painful – unless you toss the GUI tools and use scripts.

Virtual, Computed Columns in PostgreSQL 12

PostgreSQL 12 introduced a feature I've long wished for: computed columns that are indexable and stored on disk! They're amazing and in this post I'll show you how they work and how things kind of go...

Simple Monthly Reports in PostgreSQL

Working with dates and series of dates is easy in PostgreSQL, especially using generate_series

It's Time To Get Over That Stored Procedure Aversion You Have

There is a lot of opinion about stored procedures out there that are just...