Books and Videos for Self-taught Programmers

Don't have a degree and feel like you should? Hey me too! Then again I love teaching myself things and sharing with people and I wouldn't have it any other way. That's what I do here.

Don't Have a CS Degree?

Hey, neither do I! So I made a free 52-page PDF that describes the core CS concepts every developer should know.

Best Selling Books

I enjoy writing a lot, and I really enjoy pushing the boundaries of "the modern coding book". I hate dry walls of text with meaningless "foo bar" demos. I prefer having fun, focusing on real scenarios.

I spent years teaching myself the subjects that go into a Computer Science degree: Computation, Complexity Theory, Encryption, Blockchain, Algorithms and Data Structures, Lambda Calculus and more. I wrote down what I learned and decided to share.

Get Up To Speed

Learn PostgreSQL the way the pros do: on the job and under pressure. You'll assume the role of interim DBA at aerospace startup Red:4, exploring real data from the Cassini mission to Saturn! We start slowly with the basics but soon enough you'll be awash in the most amazing data of our lifetime.

Let's Learn SQL

Video Courses

I've been making videos for people since 2005, going full time in 2009. I love telling a story and keeping a brisk pace. You won't hear hey what's up guys from me! Tightly packed, high production value, concise and beautiful: I put my soul into these!

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Coding Interview Crash Course

Trying to get in at one of the top tech companies in the world? If so, I have 5 hours of video for you, spread over 18 lessons. You'll learn the strategies and techniques your peers use to get in and get paid a lot of money. You'll also learn from Jon Skeet himself, who interviews for Google regularly.

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The Imposter's Handbook, Video Edition: Computer Science Fundamentals

Over 6 hours of videos spread across 72 individual lessons. You'll learn about Data Structures and Algorithms, Cryptography, Binary, Software Design and Essential Unix Skills. If you're a visual person and want to learn Core CS Concepts, this production is for you. This isn’t your typical 'hey guys what’s up' YouTube crap either. I pride myself in concise delivery and tight editing.

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SQL and Data Science Fundamentals

As a new DBA, You'll be given the raw data that Cassini gathered during its time orbiting Saturn and passing by Enceladus. You're going to load this data, transform it into a solid relational design using PostgreSQL, and then export it for analysis by the analytical team. When you're done, you'll be able to create tables and views, run analytical queries and tweak data as needed. You'll be on your way to your new life as a data pro.