You’ll join me at my fictional aerospace startup as we create a solar flare tracking system and plot to bring down the current CTO!

The video download is an HTML site with streamable (and downloadable) videos. 18 total videos, over 3 hours of tightly-edited content from the creators of Tekpub.com. The ebook has exactly the same content with over 150 pages of lovingly edited, beautifully laid-out Elixir content. You get all three formats: epub (for iBooks) mobi (Kindle) or HTML (full site).

All of the code in the video and the book is available in our Github repository. You can download individual chapters, or checkout with Git.

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The Book

This isn’t your typical “let’s build a blog” situation. You’ll be working with me, the Dev Lead of the fictional Aerospace startup RED:4, as we dive into Elixir and conduct various scientific studies.

What You Will Build


And you’re going to help me build it as I’m busy fending off a new CTO who wants to do everything in .NET. In summary, I need you to:

  1. Calculate equations for our prototype orbiter, including Escape Velocity for the Earth, Moon and Mars, Orbital Term, and Orbital Acceleration.
  2. Track Solar Flare Activity using Ecto and PostgreSQL
  3. Store Planet information with Mnesia
  4. Use OTP to DDoS our PostgreSQL database so we can oust our new CTO
  5. This is not a job where you get to sit back and collect a paycheck – you’re on the hot seat!
Buy Now: $30
The Video

Concise, top quality audio and video. No fumbling around or bullet points on slides – over 3 hours of solid, engaging content. The book and the video cover the exact same topics. See for yourself below...

Learn Elixir By Actually Building Something

I can’t stand boring demos and “foo” meets “bar” examples – I much prefer building something that makes sense. All of the code in the book and video is available in our Github repo so you can follow along easily.

Buy Now: $30

Stuck? Need Some Help? We got your back…

Just drop an issue or send me an email – I’ll unstick you as best I can. Perhaps one of our other interns at RED:4 might step in as well. Our issues list on Github is very active.

What Are You Doing This Weekend?

A video, a book, and some sample code. Learning Elixir is a very fun experience, let’s have a good time while doing it! Who wants to do boring old “foo bar hello world” demos – let’s DDoS our database, setup a NoSQL engine, and figure out escape velocity!

Buy Now: $30