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Creating a Sales Page: The Layout

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When you work with a Repeater, you have to loop over its elements:
<% current_page.content(:problem).each do |p| %>
<% end %>
You can also wrap this with an if statement if you're not sure whether a bit of content is present:
<% if(current_page.content(:problem).present? %>
<% end %>
I find that working with partials is much easier, because you can plug them in where you need them. They can work like components in a Vue or React app as well.
For instance, my "hero" partial doesn't need to access the current_page stuff, you can pass the page to it, like this:
<%= render "hero", locals: {page: current_page.content(:problem).first } %>
A bit verbose, but it does separate the hero from the implementation details.