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Logging Out and Registering On the Fly

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Rails is helpful when it comes to providing a positive experience for your user, and one of those helpful things is to not make any changes with a simple GET request, such as logging someone out. To that end, we need to figure out how we can comply with this notion without writing a bunch of code! Thankfully, it's straightforward:
<%= button_to "Logout", destroy_user_session_path, method: :delete, data: {turbo: false} %>
OK, maybe that's not entirely straightforward! We have to use button_to because the link_to helper will only create an anchor tag, which fires a GET request. The button_to helper will create a form for us with the correct method. By adding data: {turbo: false}, we're also turning off turbo links, which can mess with the form submission.
The next task is overriding the base controller with our own (controllers/users/passwordless_controller.rb):
class Users::PasswordlessController < Devise::Passwordless::SessionsController
  def create
    if params[:user].nil? || params[:user][:email].nil?
      return redirect_to new_user_session_path, alert: "Please enter an email address"
    user = User.find_by(email: params[:user][:email])
    unless user
      user = User.create(email: params[:user][:email])      
    redirect_to new_user_session_path, notice: "Magic link sent!"