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Creating a Sales Page: The Repeater

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I know that marketing and sales is not a fun topic for many programmers, YET you will likely need to think about this if you 1) roll your own business at some point or 2) have a client that needs help this way. Fear not - marketing is all about honesty and empathy, not slimy nonsense!

The Page Elements

It's critical that you skew everything towards the idea of solving your potential customers' problem. They don't know you exist nor why they should care about you, so we start there, and move on:
  1. Condensed, interesting headline.
  2. Their problem, summarized.
  3. Empathy for their problem.
  4. The solution you've come up with.
  5. Your offer.
  6. Your background and why you made what you made.
  7. Your guarantee.
  8. What other people think about what you made.
  9. A quick recap, and a final call to action.
You don't have to do all of these, or any of them really, but this is a tried and true formula for getting out of your own way and letting customers know about the amazing thing you made.

The Repeater

My solution to multiple page parts is to use a Repeater, but you can do whatever makes sense to you, including making your own custom part.
      name: "problem",
      title: "Problem",
      parts: %w(title linktext link image body),
      part_type: "Spina::Parts::Repeater"