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Our analysts are going to be using Excel to dig into the data so let's setup a simple way to get it to them. We can run a script for this or we can use psql:

psql cassini -c "\copy (select * from enceladus.results_per_flyby) to '//FILESHARE/results_per_flyby.csv' header csv;

Running a SQL script can be easier, and also a bit more flexible. The first command will output the results of our analysis view (rollups by flyby). The second will dump the overall result:

set search_path='enceladus';
copy (select * from enceladus.results_per_flyby) 
to '//share/results_per_flyby.csv' header csv;

copy (select
  inms.source, as compound,
  sum(inms.high_sensitivity_count) as sum_high,
  sum(inms.low_sensitivity_count) as sum_low
from flybys
inner join inms on flyby_id =
inner join chemistry on chemistry.molecular_weight = inms.mass
group by inms.source,, chemistry.formula)
to '//share/overall_results.csv' header csv;

And that's it!