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Authentication, Part 2

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We took a good first stab at authentication using JWTs, now let's implement it! Things are bound to come up, pushing us to refine the API.

Quick Checkin RE Prep and Notes

I've been trying to focus on the "real world walkthrough" angle and it's not easy. I do write things down and have "ready code" - let's see what that means.

  • Where the SMTP service came from
  • Doin it live?
  • I would love to hear from you

Creating a Modal using Vuetify

The vision here is to allow the user to login from anywhere, using out auth store to hold their information and deal with our API.

  • Creating the modal
  • Adding the email, registration and code prompts
  • Handling success

Refactor, If Needed!

I have a feeling I'll need to change a few things with the API, maybe not. We also need to discuss our JWT approach.