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Simple CMS with Nuxt Content

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We have a bunch of lorem ipsum but that will eventually change. We don't want to hard-code our content in our templates because Vue prefers your data (including content) to be separate! Time to investigate CMS's - this is real world stuff!

Let's talk about headless CMS

There are a number of ways to get content into a page that don't include hand-rolling your HTML.

  • Services like Contentful and Prismic
  • Roll your own with Strapi
  • The simplest of the lot: Nuxt Content

Creating a simple markdown experience

We'll replace our hero content with Nuxt Content to see how easy it is to work with the system.

  • Create a markdown document for hero
  • Get to know the document query system
  • Rob shares his opinion based on use in the wild

Using Nuxt Content for all of our sections

Every section is a document! Weeee!

  • Refactor our components to work with our documents
  • Tweak the query results to make things easier to use
  • Think about scaling this as the company grows