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Molecules and Vuetify hell

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We have the "organisms" on our page (nav bars, drawer, etc) now it's time to go a bit deeper and add more value. We'll start with a store that our design can use.

Creating a course store

We'll be pulling data from somewhere and our components need to use it! Pinia!

  • Faster now: declaring the store
  • Creating mock data
  • Stubbing out methods based on our design brief

The Top Navigation

Let's fill out the top nav stuff in our v-app-bar:

  • Logo and collapse
  • Course links
  • User icon

The Module List (topics and lessons)

I hate the word module but whatever. This is a list of all of the content in our course, sorted and organized by topic or category.

  • The course nav, with title
  • The lesson nav, with completed check, free indicator, and unwatched indicator (currently a play icon in our mockup)

The Lesson (video, text, commands)

  • The video slide (not logged in)
  • The lesson text
  • Lesson command list