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Hello Supabase!

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It happens to all of us: everything explodes and we need to rethink. That's what happened to me, so it's time to ensure that we ship something, which means using an external service to get off the ground.

Off Camera

  • Changed the Completed/Prev/Next buttons

Let's Stop and Think

It's the Great Tempation of every programmer: I could rebuild this thing over the weekend. That's not what's happening here.

Every application gets to a "tipping point" and rarely, in my experience, do we ever do things righ the first time. If you do... you're rad.

This is where we are.

Alternatives to Consider

I've mentioned these things before, but it's time to seriously consider...

  • A hosted backend, like Pocketbase, Supabase or Firebase
  • A more complete backend API
  • A hosted auth solution