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Components and Wireframes

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Our home page is going to also act as our sales page and we'll want a strategy for how to layout out content there. We're not going to drop HTML directly, instead we're going to build out components!


We're moving fast, but don't give up!

Meet components

Everything in Vue (and therefore Nuxt) is a component!

  • Create a /components directory

Just a bit about component design

Little reusable bits of markup and logic require a plan.

  • Quick review of Atomic Design principles
  • We already have a Design System: Vuetify! But you should know that's what it is.
  • You can create your own system on top of it

Wireframing the home page

We're going to make sure we can show some progress!

  • Set up a simple hero component
  • Elements of a "good sales page"