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Authorization, Part 2

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In this episode we're going to wire up the login process, end to end. We'll adjust a few things along the way, as needed.

Finishing the Validator

I stubbed out a few things in the validate-code handler, so it's likely I'll need to rethink what I'm doing...

  • Have a look at the existing code
  • Add our User model and wire it up

Creating Seeds

We're working in development mode now, which means we'll need to seed our database with our dev data.

  • Create a seed task we can use as needed
  • Add test data for User and Product

The Authorized Payload

Finally, we're at the point where we can ping our API to see if our user is authorized for a given video. We can noodle on this for hours, or we could do the simplest thing... but what's that?

  • All course/lesson info goes in the DB
  • Only lesson/video info goes in the DB and we deal with dual data stores