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Blocking the Course Page

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We're doin it live! We're going to use an existing site as a guide to block our page, completely, before we add any data. We'll see if we can do it all in one go.

Examining the components we'll need

We'll go outside in and figure out what we need:

  • Intro to dynamic routing
  • Have a good look at the design template (which happens to be a working site)
  • Outline/note what goes where. Use whatever tool you like.
  • Jot down notes in a design plan somewhere. Or just stub the components?

The big stuff

We're moving outside in, refactoring smaller as we go. We will, hopefully, move slowly and be able to back track.

  • Block the major elements (organisms)
  • Extract the molecules
  • Take a stab at a naming convention

Wiring it all up, making it work

We won't be using live data, but we can stub some out and see if things will move the way we like.

  • Check the responsive design! We should do this from the start but...
  • Create the store(s) we need, add lorem data
  • Refactor, as needed