Refactoring Pinia

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It's so, so easy to make a mess but the good thing, for us, is that our code will tell us (when it starts to stink) as will Nuxt. Or Vuetify!


We have a small bug that I didn't notice and I need to fix, which is also sparking a refactor.

  • Avoiding technical debt in the name of speed

  • Walking carefully through the valley of frameworks

Next/Previous commands

Every video app needs a next/previous! We'll add ours without overthinking things.

  • Add the buttons to a bottom bar

  • Use findSurround to get the next and previous pages

  • Use our own sorting method to see which we like more.

If we have time: styling pass

Blocking will get us only so far as an excuse when we give updates at the end of our sprints. Marketing, sales, and managers don't care about our process - they want results!