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Application state with Pinia

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We’re working our way “outside in”, almost like hopping down the side of a building in Elden Ring, and we’ve reached the middle tier, descending from the components above.

Meet Pinia

Pinia is an optional centralized state store for larger applications, and we’re going to need it!

  • Install Pinia and fail!
  • Defining our first store, two ways.
  • Rob shares his opinion on which he prefers

Creating a Content Store

Let’s centralize how we pull content so we don’t repeat ourselves.

  • Creating the content store
  • Refactoring our existing pages and components
  • Discussion: how far do we take this?

As we go along: understanding the role of reactivity

A reactive bit of data changes across the application and is a core feature of all frontend frameworks.

  • The Reactive Pattern, quickly. Like global variables, but improved!
  • How to make something reactive in Vue, both old school and new
  • Dealing with confusion, Part 1