Using Firebase

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Firebase has been around for many years and is loved by many, including myself! With a little abstraction, it can be extremely helpful.

Setting Up the Project at Firebase

We'll set things up and have a look around, then get the configuration bits so we can get our project going.

Wiring Firebase to Our Project

We'll have the same issue we had with Supabase: Firebase is a client only kind of thing, so let's make sure we get setup properly.

Adding Authentication

It comes with Firebase, so let's add it in! We'll use the magic link, just like we are now.

Adding Some Abstraction

We don't want Firebase "stuff" littered throughout the application, so let's make sure we abstract it somehow.

Creating the Collections

Firebase is a document store but, just like Supabase, you need to build things with an API and rules in mind. Our focus: make it shallow and flat! We'll set up our seed to load up the documents.

Applying Rules

Just like Supabase, we need to make sure that requests for data are locked down. This will inform how we structure out system.

Setting Up Hosting and Shipping!

Unlike Supabase, Firebase has hosting with a free SSL cert. We'll set it up and then tune up our project for Firebase deployment.